Yoga Stick-e Socks

Stick-e Brands Yoga Stick-e Socks
“…for that barefoot feeling”are the only patented sock with a smooth, non-slip sticky bottom and a hole to expose each toe. They were created for any barefoot activity – Yoga, dance, karate, Pilates and more. The brand also makes Stick-e Gloves, a Stick-e Towel, a Stick-e Mat and a workout DVD.

Yoga Stick-e Socks
come in black with a black sticky portion on the bottom, or nude/beige with a blue sticky area. They are great for the Yogi on the go — you can do your favorite exercises without a mat and without sliding around due to sweaty hands or feet. A shared yoga mat no longer has you saying “eww” if you’re wearing your hygienic Yoga Stick-e Socks!

  • Non-slip
  • Sweat-absorbing
  • Machine washable
  • Antibacterial
  • Soft, bamboo knit – light as a cotton sock.
  • They come in Small, Medium and Large sizes – based on shoe size. The sticky stuff on the bottom is mushy, not hard, and does not create a bump for you to feel through the fabric, just a great grip! They also have a molded heel pocket, arch support stretch, and seamless construction for better fit and comfort. The socks arrive packaged in a reusable mesh bag for washing so you can’t lose that second sock!

    Try out any or all of the Stick-e products during National Yoga Month. Use promo code “intimate” for a 10% discount at

    Stick-e Socks first made it big after they were selected as a finalist at the ispo BrandNew Winter 2008 start-up competition. Now they can be found in health clubs, sporting good stores, through online retailers and at They are recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons.

    Founder Libby Andrews has always been active in triathlons, tennis, rock climbing, sailing, and other sports. She says Stick-e Socks are “the perfect combination of getting that barefoot feeling while maintaining the ability to hold different poses.”

    We can attest to the fact that they are comfortable, don’t slip a bit, and are a great conversation starter. Ours were tested on linoleum, ceramic tile and on an area rug. The only drawback we found was that they were snug for wide feet – so you may want to order a size up if your shoes are a wide. The black ones won the ‘cool’ test in our office as well.

    Try out any or all of the Stick-e products. Use promo code, “intimate” for a 10% discount at

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    1. Try out any or all of the Stick-e products. Use promo code, “intimate” for a 10% discount at!

    2. Candace says:

      I love these yoga socks! They are definately a must for any barefoot sports enthusiast. I used to slip on my yoga mat (or worry about slipping) which obviously keeps you from realizing your full potential in any pose. Now I can take it to the limit and not worry about my feet slipping at all. I also don’t have to worry about my feet touching a yucky yoga mat. They are great for pedicures too. I highly recommend these sock to anyone considering them.

    3. I bring my stick-e socks & gloves whenever I travel so I don’t have to lug my yoga mat in my bags. I keep them in my purse, so I can get a quick practice in anyplace, anytime. With these products there’s never an excuse that you can’t get your practice in because you forgot your mat.

    4. Vicki says:

      I am a yoga novice, but like the extra stability these give me when doing poses that I am just trying to learn.

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