Yoga Paws

Normally today would be Frilly Friday. But it’s National Yoga Month, and yoga has different kinds of frills. Yoga-Syz, a company offering specialized Yoga equipment for home and travel offers some of those frills. One of their products is Yoga Paws.

Yoga Paws
allow you to stabilize your foundation when doing yoga postures and Pilates exercises. Their “mini yoga mat” design provides solid support, extra padding, and peace of mind. They are small enough to fit in yout purse, pocket, or travel bag.

Yoga Paws mini mats are made from Eco-Friendly yoga mat material free of Chlorides, Latex and PVC. They are composed mainly of Cellomer for high elasticity and resilience. They also have super absorbent cloth lining which provides additional padding and absorbs dirt, sweat and oils.

  • Compact
  • Great For Travel
  • Strong Gripping Action
  • Moisture absorbent
  • EcoFriendly materials

The owner of Yoga Syz, Jamie Getzwiller, fulfilled a lifetime dream of her mother’s, a yoga teacher of 30 years, by directing, producing and editing a Yoga video of her mom’s Hatha flow routine that is a favorite among family, friends, and her students. During the production of this video, the idea for Yoga-Paws was born. Yoginis in the video taping were on Navajo rugs and felt unstable. Through trial and error, extensive testing, prototypes, and learning experiences, Yoga-Paws came to be.

Buy Yoga Paws here and get a FREE DVD with your purchase! The program has two 18-minute sessions. The first session has many traditional Hatha Yoga poses, included in a Sun Salutation variation. The second session combines traditional yoga with conventional push-ups, sit-ups, and tush exercises resulting in improved strength, flexibility, balance, health and vitality.

I have been using my Yoga Paws for months and love the feel of them. They are great for any floor surface – and I even use them at the gym so I don’t have to rub my palms against the surface where sweaty butts have been. When I don’t have them with me and I only have the gym mat, I now miss the support. I have read negative reviews of these – but the reviews are of the old design. The new design has a tiny elastic strip separating each finger and an elastic strap on the foot Paw around the back of the heel.

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