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For National Yoga Month, Gaiam asked us to try and review the new Trudie Styler Warrior Yoga DVD. This is 1 in a series of 4 exercise videos that she has released with Gaiam.

The DVD allows for a Full 50 min Yoga practice, Express 25 min practice, Trudie Styler meditation or James D’Silva Meditation. It also includes Bonus materials: interviews about the making of the video, the making of husband Sting’s album “If on a Winter’s Night…” which accompanies the video, and a video about Growing Energy for their home in Tuscany.

The yoga on this DVD is meant to emphasize breath, flow, movement and quietness. Trudie does not narrate or lead the practice. She is featured throughout both practices along side James D’Silva on mats in the grass outside her 16th century Tuscan estate.

The language D’Silva uses to narrate the basic Hatha practice makes it easy for beginners to understand. It’s also poetic and calming. When reaching overhead he says, “Evoke the gods in the heavens above.” And when stretching through chair pose to standing forward bend he instructs, “Find the depth of your seated posture.” Even simple movements have layman’s terminology such as “Windmill your arm all the way back”, so the workout avoids the connotations sometimes associated with Yoga such as being “too hippy” or “focused on Buddhism”. Poses are not held for too long, a constant flow is kept and the workout is gentle but not predictable.

You can watch a clip of the video here: or view more about Trudie on the Gaiam website here: You can buy the DVD on Amazon here.

When interviewed, Trudie explains her focus when creating the video series – metal stability and physical fitness can help you do all of the things you want to achieve. She has danced ballet since the age of 9, later did aerobics and jazz dancing, and after giving birth to her 3rd child, Coco, she took up yoga – about 20 yrs ago. She says her recent foray into Pilates has given her more core strength.

She hopes people who watch the DVD receive her message that physical fitness can empower the mind to help you concentrate, even when not working out. “Fitness is about how much energy you have for your kids, for your life,” she says. She briefly mentions her diet – complex carbs before a workout, like oats, and protein after a workout.

She said something that hit home because it is very similar to what I tell my kids: We’re given one body in this life and it needs to be empowered.

Sting Winter CDBecause I am a Sting fan, I was interested to watch his video about the accompanying music. He was asked to make a Christmas album and decided to make something bigger – a winter album. He blends the feelings he finds in winter in the songs on the album: dark, cold, family and togetherness. The tunes are drawn from lullabies, jazz and folk music. A video clip of “Cold Song” can be found here:

The interview entitled “Growing Energy” was not about heightening your personal energy level, as I had guessed. Rather it is about literally creating carbon neutral energy in their home. On their land in Tuscany they grow sunflowers, and press them for oil to power an engine that gives their home electricity. The sunflower remains are then fed to their animals, and a carbon neutral outcome is created.

Some of the proceeds from the sales of this DVD will go to Unicef Ecuador Water Project, which provides cleaner, safer water to indigenous people whose land and water source have been polluted by the oil industry.

The full Gaiam / Trudie DVD series includes:

  • Warrior Yoga DVD: Yoga mix for cardio conditioning, strength training + flexibility, meditation.
  • Core Strength Pilates DVD: Pilates exercises to maintain strength + vitality, bonus organic cooking feature
  • Cardio Dance Flow DVD: 25-min. head-to-toe dance workout with intense cardio intervals, 20-min. stretch workout and a footwork tutorial to help you master all the moves
  • Sculpt & Tone Ballet DVD: 25-min. ballet routine you can do with a barre or chair, sculpt and tone through invigorating dance, footwork tutorial to help you master all the moves

To read more on Trudie and Yoga, another great article about the DVD, Trudie’s childhood, her friendship with Madonna and more is here and a reprint of an interview with Yoga Journal from March 2010, “Asana, meditation and rock’n’roll – Sting and Trudie Styler talk yoga, the creative life, and human rights…” is reprinted here.

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