Body Rock Sport Shorts Review

When I was at Yoga class the other day, one of the women in the class stopped the teacher afterwards to find out what type of shorts she was wearing. “I get wedgies all through class!” She complained. “I need some shorts that stay put.”

I, being the friendly, sharing sort that I am, stopped her in the parking lot. “Have you tried Body Rock shorts?” I asked. She knew Body Rock was known for their over-the-top bras crusted with gold,¬†Swarovski crystals and jewels for thousands of dollars, so she laughed at me.

“No, really,” I assured her. “They also make basic workout gear. I’m wearing their shorts right now and I didn’t get a single wedgie the whole 75 minutes of class!”

This really, truthfully happened. And I really, truthfully did not have my shorts ride up on me through class, or on the Stairmaster the 25 minutes before class, or on my 3 mile run last Saturday. These shorts just do what they are supposed to.

All cracks aside (pun intended), I like these shorts for other reasons as well. Simply put – they are cute and comfortable. The “Spin ‘em out” the Adrienne Cycling Short by Body Rock Sport have a 3″ waistband with ruching in the center both front and back. There is fun, black fishnet detailing over the pockets – but the netting does not create the actual pocket so others can’t see into your pockets. The pockets are on the back of both hips, and I can run with my minivan key in one for 3 miles (and stretch afterwards) without losing it.

In the photo at left, Jayde, who is a size 2, is wearing shorts in an XS. The shorts run very true-to-size. Mine are a size M and I wear a dress size 6, but mine would probably also work for women up to 2 sizes larger than me. But they also come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if you have any problem.

There is light padding near the back of the crotch for more comfortable spinning. It’s not very extensive, but it’s a little something. The nylon and lycra blend fabric is soft, comfortable and doesn’t get drenched with sweat. It provides just the right amount of stretch and compression. (These shorts stay in place without leg grippers because they are make from the highest quality fabrics.)

Body Rock says: These may very well be the first ever style of cycling shorts that are equally fashionable, functional and flattering! Light cycling pad adds additional comfort while preventing the “diaper” effect that so many other cycling shorts cause. The smooth, seamless pad reduces possibility of abrasion and saddle sores.

You can machine wash these on a delicate cycle, but I soak mine in the sink while showering after my workout. Then I hang them to dry on a drying line. They are not a quick-dry fabric. Mine take over 12 hours to line-dry.

The Adrienne Shorts in the top photo are being modeled with The Imani Bra from Body Rock Sport The Lock ‘em Down Collection. The adorable, aqua animal print, racerback sports bra has a waterproof pocket on back of the bra with a durable zipper and is large enough for a drivers license, Metrocard, hotel keys or other essentials; an open pocket on back of the bra for energy packets, MP3, etc; turquoise zipper on the side of the bra for easy removal, and aqua Swarovski crystals and studs on the neckline.

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  1. Chloe says:

    Awesome review–I love BodyRock Sport!

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