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I hope you have celebrated National Yoga Month somehow, in some way! I tried a new class or two, a new teacher or two, and brought a friend or two with me to Yoga this month. I also dug up an old MP3 of a yoga class that I had to do at home on the day I was too rushed to go out for a class – instead of just skipping.

Do you ever use props for yoga? Straps, blocks, special towels, etc? My yoga teacher commented on my “cool props” the other day. I don’t have an official strap, I have a karate belt I use as a strap. And I don’t have a block, but the studio I go to has extras and sometimes I’ll grab them.

So when I was offered a pair of Puretoes non-skid foot covers to try out, I tried one pair myself and offered the 2nd pair to my Yoga teacher as a gift. I wanted her to have a cool prop too! Ironically, right after I gave them to her, she had a student in class who was using them and reviewing them for our local newspaper. That reminded the teacher to try them out herself, and here’s what she had to say:

I will preface by saying I hardly ever wear socks, so right away they felt a little foreign on my feet.  They were quite comfortable minus the bulky cloth between the toes. There really should be less fabric there. I felt that I had good traction and stability moving around on several different surfaces. I don’t know if this is a product I would buy for myself, however I will recommend them to students with sweaty feet who ask me how to stop slipping around :) I mostly wear them around my apartment building, like when I have to use the laundry room, instead of flip flops. I like to be as close to the bare floor as possible, but there are times you just want your feet to be covered, you know?

Yah, I know.

Puretoes can be used beyond Yoga for pilates, martial arts, dance and even just lounging. The non-skid soles provide just enough traction to prevent slipping. Puretoes also protect feet from dirty floors while still allowing toes to grip – and you have to allow your toes to grip in Yoga! They are available in prints and solids from Puretoes.com for about $20.

The inside is soft, combed material that feels great against your foot. It’s almost like a fleece and it’s really cozy without being hot. And they have moisture wicking properties to keep your feet from getting sweaty. The edges are finished specifically to prevent rubbing. I have never felt a seam or thread from these poke me or bug me.  They are form-fitting but flexible. There is one opening for the big toe and another for all the other toes together – no irritating fabric rubbing between each toe. I do feel the fabric by the big toe could be lessened though.

The bottom has two grip areas, on the heel and ball of the foot. The grip was enough to prevent slipping on a sweaty yoga mat and enough to allow me to do plank exercises on ceramic tile floor. They really help prevent skidding, almost too well… I find if I am in a yoga class with a lot of pivoting, the Yogatoes twist up a bit on me. Perhaps I need a size smaller to prevent that. I also remove them while doing standing balancing – like tree pose. I love that you can machine wash & dry these babies!

If you are a yogi who travels a lot or you never know where your next barefoot workout might be, I recommend these to keep your feet safe and clean. For day-to-day yoga class on your own mat though, I still recommend going barefoot.

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