Pantzies in your panties…

After being in the lingerie/underwear industry for a while, new products intrigue me. When I was contacted about Pantzies about their reusable panty liner, I wasn’t sure what to think. Are they “green”? Do they get clean? Is this for real? I just had to learn more…

Pantzies are made by Hy-Jean Corp. They are a reusable panty liner, and 8 different prints are available in panty and thong shapes. These are not for “Aunt Flow” use, necessarily. They are for every day use. Pantzies are geared towards every day light use, be it discharge, blood, sweat, or small amounts of urine. Pantzies are used for light protection and can absorb up to 2ml of fluid. If you need protection and do not want to worry about permanently soiling your pretty panties, having an accidental leak, or simply want to stay clean all day – that’s what they are for!

So, why are we running info about Pantzies during National Yoga Month? They are extremely effective for absorbing sweat and normal discharge from everyday physical activities. If you find that sweat “down there” is embarrassing when you work out, try turning your Pantzies sideways across your panties, pants or shorts for some absorbency.

I tried Pantzies while out for a run. Instead of wearing my wick-away-sweat-and-keep-you-dry Lucy running shorts, I wore my painting-the-house cotton and polyester junky shorts. Then I ran 3 miles in the hot & humid Florida morning. When I was done running and my shorts were rather sweaty, there was a distinct dry area right where the Pantzies were stuck in. And when I washed my shorts in the washing machine with the Pantzies still in them, they came out of the dryer with a fresh smelling, dry Pantzies still in place where I stuck it.

I give this product an 8 out of 10. Here’s why: the premium jersey fabric is soft & comfortable, assorted prints are kind of ugly, unwanted moisture was definitely blocked – but not if your thighs sweat a lot – these are just the size of a pantyliner, ecologically conscious, anti-bacterial, quick drying, water resistant, you can go commando and pop these in your clothing for no panty line, great as an underwear substitute with stockings or tights, silly taglines (i.e. “Like candy for your panties!” Ewww!) and graphics/packaging that need a facelift.

Pantzies have an MSRP of $7.95 for 16 liners. Considering they can be reused, that’s a fair price. I showed this product to a few friends. Most of them snickered. I think it is the kind of product that you don’t want to admit you need. They’d also make great baby shower gifts – because of those little pregnant mishaps. You can just click over and order them and not tell a soul:

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  1. Harald says:

    if you’re not comfortable showing a vpl then either wear a g-string or go commando or you could buy some seamless panties which help stop a vpl showing

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