Kushyfoot yoga socks

The Kushyfoot yoga socks are a fun concept. If you wear comfy socks with grippy bottoms, you won’t slip at all on your Yoga mat, or hardly at all if you are on a flat surface elsewhere sans mat.

Our friend Maria tried a pair during her regular weekend Yoga workout, and gave us this report:

Kushyfoot yoga socks fit well and stayed in place during my Yoga practice. The grip on the feet is adequate for preventing slippage, regardless of the surface you are practicing on. To enhance your practice,  they should be used with yoga mittens or gloves, because it does no good if your feet stay in place and hands slip around. The ankle length, black socks laundered with good integrity. Overall, a very quick and portable way to take yoga with you in your daily travels.

One Size Fits All, 85% Cotton,12% Polyester, 3% Spandex (100% rubber anti-skid sole).

Here’s a pose to try in your new Yoga socks:
Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose), from ardha = half, candra = shining, having brilliancy; usually translated as “moon”.
1. Set up your feet as for triangle pose to the right side, with your left hand resting on your left hip. Inhale, bend your right knee, and slide your left foot about 6 to 12″ forward along the floor. At the same time, reach your right hand forward, beyond the little-toe side of the right foot, at least 12 inches.

2. Exhale, press your right hand and right heel firmly into the floor, and straighten your right leg, simultaneously lifting the left leg parallel (or a little above parallel) to the floor. Extend actively through the left heel to keep the raised leg strong. Be careful not to lock the standing knee; make sure the kneecap is aligned straight forward and isn’t turned inward.

3. Rotate your upper torso to the left, but keep the left hip moving slightly forward. (Beginners should keep the head in a neutral position, gazing forward. You can also keep the left hand on the left hip.)

4. Bear the body’s weight mostly on the standing leg. Press the lower hand lightly to the floor to regulate your balance.

5. Stay in this position for 3-5 breaths. Then lower the raised leg to the floor with an exhalation, and return to Trikonasana. Perform the pose to the left for the same length of time.

(pose instructions adapted from yogajournal.com)

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