Estelle Underwood, owner of the Southern California-based fitness studio Bodyworks for Total Health, brings us a new creation: the BodyWorksBand – and along with it, the BodyWorksBand workout.

Do you have a resistance band at home? These tube-like fitness accessories with handles often hang on gym walls untouched or sit in coiled piles at the bottom of closets. Why? Although the bands or tubes can be effective, most people do not know how to use them. When I use my resistance band, I first go to and find a resistance band workout starring Coach Nicole, or I call up Coach Brian of Digital Running to walk me through a resistance band workout after a run.

The BodyWorksBand will take all the guesswork out of this convenient, mobile workout tool. The top 11 most effective exercises to do with the Band are printed right on the band itself!

When I first got my band, I was skeptical about the print wearing off the rubber. You pull and tie and knot and step on this thing over and over and the pictures are supposed to last? But I was assured by my friend Linda, who has been a pediatric anesthesiologist for over 20 years that medical professionals use similar stretchy items with print on them to help remember instructions such as CPR and resuscitation.

Estelle, the inventor, has worked with people who had various physical limitations over the course of her fitness career. She develops personalized exercise prescriptions which help them improve, stabilize and maintain joint and spine health, as well as increase bone density, strength and flexibility.

Now, Estelle brings her expertise to the masses with her newly developed BodyWorksBand. It is an almost weightless resistance band that exhibits illustrations of a full-body (not just upper body) strength training workout printed across the entire band.

Keep up with your fitness regime at home or on the road. Through it in your gym bag to augment your workout there, or keep it in your desk at work for a “brain break” in the middle of the day. There’s hardly any learning curve and NO big price tag!

Whether you’re an old pro on the go, or a beginning exerciser who needs a safe, simple strength training exercise routine, this is a great tool for you! It can travel anywhere almost weightlessly and it’s like taking an experienced trainer with you wherever you go!

Since I’ve had my BodyWorksBand, many people who have seen it in my house have tried it. Because it looks playful, it gets used. You can even do the exercises in your living room while watching TV, or looking over your kids while they do homework. Then you can hand it off to your kids so they can have a turn, because there is no dangerous or heavy equipment involved!

I find that after I do the full BodyWorksBand workout, there are 2 exercises I need to do fewer reps on because I can’t fully complete 12 reps without exhausting myself. But I don’t feel pain or achiness the following day at all. It’s very thorough, especially when paired with a cardio workout.

You can buy your own BodyWorksBand here, and view the workout images here.

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