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Personal style consultant Chrissy Volk, wardrobe consultant for Adahlia Volk Style and Image Consultancy, has years of experience within the fashion industry and provides expert guidance and insight on how to create a first great impression. Her experience in working with people of all ages and economic backgrounds enables her to listen, care, and provide effective solutions to real-life challenges.

One of my biggest style challenges in Florida is staying cool. No one looks pretty in sweat-stained clothes. The only time it’s not a worry for me is at the gym, when all of my fabrics are sweat-wicking and stains are expected.

Chrissy has put together a cheat-sheet for discovering the most breathable fabrics. Think of this as your guide to “cool.”


Chrissy suggests denim blends with a high cotton content and small synthetic content. A jean with either a 98% cotton/2% spandex or 96 % cotton/4% spandex fabric, is a good combination. Check out the Miraclebody collection that even includes jean skirts at Bare Necessities.
NOTE: COTTON + STRETCH = CUTE BUTT: Cotton jeans are the lightest for summer because they are airy and breathable, however, jeans with a small content of stretch are the most flattering. They will move with your body and it’s movements.


• SOFTEST TEES: Cotton tees and tanks are favored in the summer time because they are so breathable. Look for Pima and Supima Cotton – they are the softest cottons.
• Combination fabric blends help garments retain shape and remain durable over time. Cotton blended with polyester, for instance, will retain its shape well and will also resist shrinkage.
• SURPRISE: Look for Rayon tops! It drapes well and keeps its shape, even when wet.
• SLIMMING TEES AND TANKS: If you are looking for a tank that holds it shape day after day, Chrissy personally love James Perse, Target, or BP a Nordstrom brand. They are a Cotton/Spandex blend so you can throw them on day after day, and they will hold their shape very well. Look for a blend of 94% cotton, 6% spandex for a more tight fitting, yet slimming, tee or tank.


• 100% cotton is the way to go for light and airy dresses!
• For dressier occasions, ditch the polyester blends and look for 100% silk, which is more breathable and cool! Another option could be a chiffon (which is made from either silk or nylon), which is also breathable and light. Look for a lining in an acetate or nylon blend.
• If you go for a figure-hugging fit, opt for a poly-blend with Spandex, it allows for more flexibility in the fabric and pulls moisture away from the skin, keeping you cooler than just polyester alone.

Now that you know what to wear, you can learn the right workout for you! Follow the “What’s your Yoga” chart below and try a class during National Yoga Month that will fit you just right! (Click it to view it larger.)

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