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While we normally reserve our swimwear related posts for Crush the Turtle, I thought I’d end my 5 month blogging hiatus for a special post this week. After all, this post is about swimwear and lingerie so at least half of the subject matter is out of Crush’s area of expertise.

It’s not often we review other sites, but Swimwear and Lingerie is a fantastic collection of basic knowledge on just about every aspect of (you guessed it) swimwear and lingerie. If you are, let’s say clueless about garters, you might check out the cool writeup of garters and garter belts at swimwearandlingerie.com. You won’t be an expert after reading it, but you’re also not going to get swindled by the used car saleswomen at Victoria’s Secret.

Similarly, the site throws a wide net over many different lingerie related topics. Consider it to be swimwear and lingerie 101. You’ll dive into swim related topics from men’s boardshorts and performance swimwear to bikinis and mastectomy swimsuits for the ladies. Other topics include thermal underwear, hosiery, shapewear and of course, sleepwear.

The only thing I really find lacking at swimwearandlingerie.com is a thorough treatment of women’s panties. When should a thong be worn? What color looks best under those tight white summer shorts? Why are they called boy shorts if they’re meant for ladies? Granted this topic requires a pre-requisite knowledge of the physics behind the visible panty line, but I think a basic overview of specific panty types is certainly warranted.

Despite my sole reservation, I think swimwearandlingerie.com is certainly worth checking out for a quick and dirty overview of the ins and outs of the garments that show the most skin.

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