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The New York Post recently ran an article about a Colorado based inventor, Rocky Flats Gear, selling bras and undies that claim to offer extra protection against harmful Xray radiation. The site says their items:

  • for use during extended air travel and to protect from ATI /whole body scanners
  • Protect from increased radiation while flying at high altitudes
  • Block/diminish-X-ray radiation – (backscatter x-ray).
  • Insure privacy of medical and body scanner images.

Extra Ovary Protection panties in white

The collection includes boxers, briefs, sleeveless undershirts, panties, bra inserts, a sports bra and more. Owner and electrical engineer Jeff Buske and his artist wife Mary certainly did not partner up with a fashion designer with any taste before rolling out the line of protective products. Cheesy symbols of fig leaves, stop signs and clasped hands adorn the front of the cotton/spandex items. And added fun for the kids – the childrens line of undies features a Non-toxic lead free shield which glows in the dark.

If you want to make your own items, the web site also offers 11×13″ sheets of their patent-pending shielding material. Just cut with scissors and design your own!

According to the site, the USA has only a few of the airport machines installed, but 450 more are scheduled to be installed in 2010 and 500 more for 2011.

“For the first time, radiological shields are attractive, durable, affordable, fun, and comfortable to wear.” What a thoughtful holiday gift for the traveler or airline, medical and security professional in your life!

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  1. Jeff Buske says:

    Thanks for the kind words, it has been an exciting year! We have added new maternity and larger radiation protective bra inserts. Update on the x-ray scanners 1800 more scheduled by 2014, and soon to be in malls, bus, train, public building and sport venues. We are trying to do are small part to prevent breast and ovarian cancer. Also have educational materials about cancer and airport scanner news updates and are adding new designs and products all the time.

    Jeff Buske Inventor of the protective products.

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