Holiday Wish Lists

I’ve been using an Amazon Wish List for myself and my daughters for years. Family from all over can see what the girls are into and send gifts that are “surprises” but just what they want. But what if the items you want aren’t available on Amazon. What if you want items from many different sites?
From lingerie to cash, you can drop a hint this season when you create a wish list with Wishpot! The free-of-charge, universal gift registry tool lets you:

    • Create online Wish Lists from unlimited retailers. Add items found on any site.
    • Create a Wish List with items you’re wishing for, or create a Gift Ideas List to store items you want to buy for others. In addition to products, you can even store and compare travel and vacation packages, cruises, spa packages and more!
    • You can share lists with family and friends – drop a helpful hint! Great for registering for weddings or baby showers.
    • Reduce waste, clutter, and unwanted time spent returning items post-Holiday.
    • Save $ by setting alerts for when items go on sale – to keep wishes within budget. Choose to be notified when your item hits a specified price or lowers a certain percentage.
    • Request Contributions: Wishing for a big-ticket item like a honeymoon package? Request cash – tastefully! Friends and family can chip in a specific amount or percentage through Wishpot’s unique Contributions feature.
    • Shopping and gift experts can answer questions, or you can ask other users for gift ideas & tips
    • Non-Profits can create a list for items they need from sponsors – such as toiletries for a shelter or office supplies.

It’s a smart, convenient, money saving and easy to use wish list tool to get the gifts you really want this Holiday season.
Here’s what you do:
1 – Go to and sign up.
2 – download the Wishpot button to your toolbar.
3 – go shopping! While browsing the web, drag and drop items you like into the Wishpot button on your toolbar.

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