2013 Undie Award Votes


I voted, did you? Hurry -Voting ENDS TODAY!

You won’t get a sticker at the library for voting in the Undie Awards, but you will get a 10% coupon code for herroom.com to purchase some of your favorite comfortable undies, or to try something new that wins the coveted Undie Award!

I think I have voted every year that the Undie Awards have existed. And, call me unAmerican, but I’ll tell you a few of the items I picked:


freyaactiveI’m a fitness fanatic, and hands down every year my favorite sports bra is from Freya Active. Now, I do yoga in an Ahh Bra, and I do Barre class in my Barely There Invisible Look bra (odd, I know, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it). But when it comes to sweaty running or lots of Zumba bouncing, the ugly but powerful sports bra from Freya Active is for me. My “girls” don’t do the shaking, I do!


My favorite T-shirt bra is the Invisible Look Underwire bra from barely there. Their products are great when you want super soft, comfy fabrics! This bra dips just enough in front that it won’t show under a V-neck T, but still keeps everything in place. There are clips in front to easily criss-cross the straps yourself after you have the bra on if you find the straps are sticking out of a racer back tank. Mine is white, and I wear it constantly in the summer because it is so cool and lightweight in the sticky Florida heat that I battle daily. I recommended this bra to my mom and my daughters -and that’s saying a LOT!


I’m a stretch lace girl when it comes to panties. I have briefs, thongs, boycut – all colors and styles of stretch lace. Most outfits allow the light lace to disappear completely. My favorite brands are Hanky Panky and Aerie. The fabrics are similar, but I find Aerie colors to be more vibrant and the lining to wash & wear better. They are built for more petite figures than Hanky Panky though, because it’s really a teen line.

I voted for lots of other categories, but it is called a SECRET ballot for a reason!

These are actual items I have in my drawer that I thought might help you think about what makes a favorite – a favorite! Head on over to http://www.theundies.com to vote and receive a coupon code for 10% herroom.com.

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