Pikante Disco Fever Boxer

Pikante Disco Fever BoxerWhen I first pulled the disco fever boxer out of the box, the pattern reminded me more of the 1982 classic, Tron rather than a disco dance floor.  It was a little over the top for me, but  I found that the look grew on me as  I wore this boxer more often.  The cut of the Disco Fever boxer is nearly perfect (for my taste anyway).  I like a boxer brief that has a short, square like cut.  Anything longer feels like a bike short and anything shorter is more of a standard brief.

The Disco Fever Boxer features a well defined contour pouch that holds the “package” up and out of the way.  This offers fantastic support and a smooth, slightly enhanced profile.  The pouch is defined by a very strong piece of elastic.  Used to less defined pouches, I was not careful when first wearing the boxer and wound up with some soreness in the crotch the first time.  Just make sure you lift the entire package into the pouch when wearing the boxer and you’ll be good to go all day.

Although I’m generally a fan of natural fibers like bamboo, I found the Pikante Disco Fever Boxer to be surprisingly light, airy and soft to the touch.  The fit is snug, but not constrictive and the thin fabric allows ample airflow to remain cool and well ventilated all day long.  If the pattern suits your taste, then I highly recommend it.

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