Kings Underwear Wallflower Boxer

Kings Underwear Wallflower BoxerSeveral weeks ago, I was introduced to Kings Underwear, a relatively new player in the men’s underwear market.  While I certainly enjoy the wide variety of lingerie that Rachel gets to try, it’s nice to be able to review a few things of my own once in a while.  I’ll also admit that I’m not a boxers kind of guy.  I typically prefer boxer briefs.  I just don’t like the way boxers tend to bunch up under my pants.  Since I live in a pretty hot climate, however, I do often wear boxers around the house as “loungewear”.

That little bit of background information for those who are new to the site brings us to a lazy evening just before Thanksgiving when I was searching the bedroom for my favorite bacon print boxers from Ginch Gonch.  I eventually spotted them in the dirty laundry, and thought about clandestinely slipping them out when reason got the better of the me.  Somewhat dejected, I headed back to the bedroom where I spotted a box sitting on the bed.  Wondering what kind of fancy chemise I might spot Rachel lying around in later in the evening, I opened the box and took a peek.

To my surprise, the box was filled a bunch of guy stuff!  There were socks, boxer briefs, a t-shirt and sitting right on top – the Wallflower boxer from Kings Underwear.  Freshly in the market for some loungewear, I tore open the package and slipped them on.  I haven’t seen the bacon print boxers since.

Look on the Hanger: I haven’t really seen them on a hanger since I’m not so snobby as to hang my boxers up in the closet.  They are covered with flowers and hearts, however, which would give some guys pause for being too feminine.  My teenage daughters called me out on that, but they didn’t complain too loudly since I’m typically found wearing a bacon print on my shorts.  From a distance, the print really looks more paisley (like a tie) so I certainly don’t feel I’m any less of a man for wearing them.  In any case, the boxers are available in six other styles, so it’s easy to find something that suits your taste.

The Fit & Feel: The fit is very nice.  These boxers are short enough to be light and airy, but long enough to wear around the house without being inappropriate.  The leg holes are large enough for easy movement, and feature side slits for added flexibility, but everything stays well hidden behind the comfortable fabric.  The band is snug, but very soft and comfortable.  When I put these boxers on, I forget that I’m wearing them within minutes.  The fabric is constructed of 100% cotton with a high thread count weave, making these boxers much more durable than your average underwear.

Overall: I give the Kings Underwear Wallflower boxers a 9/10.  At $24, they are pricier than most cotton boxers, but if you factor in the fit, comfort and durability, I think they are still a good value.

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