Ecumen Precision Trunk

Ecumen Precision TrunkI recently tried out some of Ecumen’s “power” underwear.  According to Ecumen managing director, Gavin Jones,

“These new men’s undergarments were inspired by the high performance fabrics worn by athletes, but designed for regular guys.  Now they can enjoy such benefits every day.”

As a regular guy posing as a competitive endurance athlete, I was eager to give this “power” underwear a try.

The look on the hanger: 8/10. Of course I don’t usually hang my underwear, but you get the point.  I tried the Precision trunks and they’re pretty sharp looking.  They’re white (also available in blue, grey and black) with a sleek blue stripe rounding the waistband.  There are various visible texture changes through the trunks where the “sports engineering” does its thing.  To some extent, this actually enhances the look.  If you’re going for the athletic look, these trunks do the trick.

The Fit: 10/10. The fit is very nice – surprisingly so, I would say.  They’re definitely tight.  The trunks technically serve as a shapewear piece with Helix-mapping compression technology that places pressure on the gluteal fold, providing lightweight posture and gait support.  The precision fit fabric conforms directly to the body to lift and smooth in all the right places.

The Feel: 8/10. On me, the trunks feel great. I was quite surprised by this.  Technical fibers tend to feel a little scratchy to me and I often prefer natural fibers like cotton or bamboo, but these trunks are quite soft against the skin.  The “power pouch” in front is well ventilated and that kept things cools whether I was sitting all day at my desk, or out for a run.

Overall: 8/10. At upwards of $50, the Ecumen Precision trunks are pretty pricey for the “regular guys” they are targeted toward.  I wouldn’t really consider them to be necessary to the everyday wardrobe of even the most fashionable guys.  If you’ve got the cash to spend on luxury underwear, however, you won’t be disappointed.

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