Do your Yoga Dry and Naked

drynakedAndrew Christian, star of Bravo’s The Fashion Show, has helped men shape their buttocks, enhance their frontal measurements, hang freely in a ” tight knit” community — and now he brings you his Dry and Naked underwear for the jock in you. Dry and Naked brings sports underwear into the 21st century.

Men everywhere can now were underwear that wicks moisture away from skin. The Dry and Naked underwear line has built-in wicking that won’t wash out or rub out because it’s actually part of the patented fabric. The underwear also dries 4 times faster than sweat’s most common foe – cotton! AND it won’t discolor with perspiration – making it ideal for competitive sports and all day wear in the heat. The Dry and Naked line also virtually eliminates odor.

Currently the line consists of Dry and Naked boxer brief and the Dry and Naked brief.

“I work out at the gym almost everyday’ says designer Andrew Christian, “and I am totally disgusted by the feel of my underwear sticking to my legs after a hard workout, so I set out to solve that issue. I have used my Dry and Naked underwear while at the gym multiple times and there is a huge difference in how I feel afterwards – the fabric is tested by yours truly and it definitely stands up to it all!”

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