Clever Apocalypto Boxer Brief

Clever Apocalypto Boxer BriefNow that Ed Hardy week is over (and we do apologize for not presenting any Ed Hardy styles for guys), we hope to appease the masses with something similar for the guys.  Today’s selection has nothing to do with the 2006 Mel Gibson film that was often described as “visceral” and “artistic”, but never “clever”.

Clever is actually a Columbian underwear brand that features unique designs of men’s underwear.  The apocalypto boxer brief is just one example of many different creative styles.  Apocalypto features a distressed graphic of skulls, cables and scissors on a barren landscape that is reminiscent of Oklahoma during the Great Depression.  We’ll admit that most guys would be paranoid about having cables and scissors anywhere near their “goods”, but if you don’t read too much into the pattern (like we just did), then the whole thing kind of works.

A contour pouch provides excellent support in the front and a center back seam provides definition to the rear.  The exposed waistband features the clever logo.  It’s rustic and masculine and just a little creepy.  Enjoy!

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  1. SteveD says:

    just a little creepy.

    U said it. Gee not what I want to see. Men’s underwear should all be shown without men in them.
    Sorry it don’t do anything for me.


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