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Welcome to National Yoga Month 2011 on Intimate Guide!
Each year for the month of Sept. we focus on active wear and yoga gear that will help you find balance physically or spiritually.

What is Yoga Month?

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I love to practice Yoga. I find it is a workout for my mind, body and spirit. It keep my muscles long, lean and flexible – and keeps my brain from buzzing out of control. I’ve been practicing Yoga for about 7 years, and each class is a journey, each new teacher brings new bits of wisdom.

But because of the fashion angle we have here on Intimate Guide, I’ll tell you a bit about what I wear when I practice Yoga, and, of course, what I wear under there.

After sweating for 75+ minutes in an 85-degree room for my typical Power Yoga class, I quickly discovered it would be rare for me to wear cotton in class. Cotton gets soaked and clingy and smelly. With all the cool, new technical fabrics out there, workout clothes can become confusing, and with the bending and stretching of yoga, you want clothes that will stay put even when balancing with your knees in your armpits and your butt in the air.

Tees by Tina is a one-size-fits-most seamless apparel collection featuring essentials for any outfit and every woman. The versatile tops and sleek leggings stay perfectly in place and are great as standalone basics – but are also lightweight enough for layering. Every style is ultra-comfortable, and the array of colors from vibrant to neutral is an awesome bonus. Tees by Tina are great for work, play or the gym.

The line includes: camis, tank tops, ribbed tanks, cap sleeve Ts, reversible ballet sleeve Ts, 3/4 set-in sleeve, 3/4 sleeve raglan T, 3/4 off-shoulder raglan , capri leggings, and seamless leggings.

When I first read that the line is one-size-fits-most, I was not convinced it was possible. But, trying is believing! I wore my tank, and then let my friend and my aunt try it on – and I took picture to prove our different sizes and shapes fit in to the same top well. I bent, stretched, tugged and pulled – and the tank was still a great fit for weeks on end! Now, the lighting is different in each of these – but I swear to you it is the exact same tank top of 3 different people (I’m on the left).

That means these tops are great for the growing and shrinking of pregnant women, the bloating of PMS, or the perfect gift because you’ll always order the right size!

I have been wearing this tank for running outside in the Florida humidity, and indoors for warm yoga classes. I LOVE that it does not roll up and does not show sweat spots! It comes in 25 fun colors plus patterns and tie-dye. I usually hand wash it in cold water (I just stick it in the sink with Soak while I’m showering after my workout) or machine wash it with a load of delicates and line dry. Although the water turns purple every time I hand wash it, it has not stained anything else I have washed it with – even nude and white panties.

I give this tank top a 10 out of 10!! It’s soft, stretchy, comfortable, doesn’t show sweat stains, stays where I put it, covers my bra straps, is a great grape color, is seamless – and honestly I wish I had 6 more in 6 different colors!

Playmate of the Year, Hope Dworaczyk is the latest Tees By Tina Brand Ambassador. Watch her video about the line here.

To keep track of specials and see more photos, like Tees By Tina on Facebook.

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