Malizia Sauvage Soul Thong

Malizia Sauvage Soul ThongLingerie runs the gamut from trashy to sexy to classy with many combinations of the above.  Today’s thong definitely falls into the classy category, though it’s certainly sexy.  The best adjective we can use to describe it is just plain elegant.

The Sauvage Soul thong from Malizia (an offshoot of La Perla) is composed of ultra sheer, stretch tulle.  The front panel embroidery is absolutely beautiful.  Its intricate, vine like curly-q’s escape the boundaries of the waistband, curving delicately over it to form a sort of scalloped effect.  This front panel then joins  sexy double string sides via  metallic clasps, adding to the overall richness of the thong.  In the rear, the double string sides merge into a tiny, ulta sheer stretch tulle panel.

With its low rise and its sexy, elegant appearance this thong is a lovely surprise for anyone who is lucky enough to catch a glimpse.  If you’re lucky enough to be wearing it, then it’s sure to bring out your inner princess.  Happy Thong Thursday!

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