Lou Music Hall Thong

loumusichallbothFor the average American, a lingerie brand named “Lou” doesn’t conjure up great images.  Let’s face it, we’re used to seeing Lou’s Pizzeria, Lou’s Auto Center, Lou’s Tavern and Lou’s 24 Hour Bail Bonds, but Lou’s lingerie is not something you’d typically see while walking the streets of Brooklyn:

“Yo!  Check out my buddy Lou’s place.  He’s got some really nice stuff.  It’s silky, comfortable and eliminates visible panty lines.  He’ll give you a good deal.”

Lou is actualy short for “Lou Paris”, the ongoing spirit of designer Lou Faller who was in fact an elegant French woman rather than an elegant Italian American man.  The Music Hall thong is just one example of the beautiful artistry that is a hallmark of Lou Paris lingerie.  The sexy low rise thong is made of very sheer stretch lace.  Intricate embroidery along the legs is embellished with a scalloped trim.  A detailed bow centered on the waistband at the front features authentic Swarovski crystals.  All details sweep effortlessly toward the back where they taper artistically into the minimal rear coverage of a thong panty.

Currently retailing for $70, we’ll admit that this thong is more than one would generally want to pay for such a small article of clothing that is rarely even seen.  Still, you have to admit it’s beautiful and it’s billed to be quite comfortable as well.  Have a happy Thong Thursday!

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