Jezebel Rock Star Low Rise G String

Jezebel Rock Star G StringIf you’re through with standing in lines to clubs you’ll never get in, or if it’s like the bottom of the ninth and you’re never gonna win.  If your life hasn’t turned out quite the way you want it to be, then we’ll tell you what you need.

Not a brand new house on an episode of cribs, but the Jezebel Rock Star Low Rise G string, of course!  It’s sexy, fun and you don’t need to be a rock star to get it.  A lovely floral leaf stretch lace surrounds the hips and stretches all the way back to the rear.  Scallops line the bottom for an added bit of interest.  The front is adorned with a patent leather button, topping off the somewhat edgy look of the Rock star G string.

So, it’s not a big black jet with a bedroom in it, but it certainly won’t hurt your chances of joining the mile high club at thirty seven thousand feet.  Enjoy and have a happy Thong Thursday.

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