High Waist Thong by Body Wrap

Body Wrap High Waist Thong

Just because it’s Thong Thursday doesn’t mean it has to look pretty. Certainly the woman modeling this high waist thong by Body Wrap looks as though she left the house wearing a normal seamless low rise thong. The day turned sour, however when she encountered the stereotypical 8th grade bully who gave her the wedgie of a lifetime.


In actuality, this high waist thong by Body Wrap is by all accounts fairly comfortable.

Why wear it though?

Well, let’s just say that you’ve got a little roll going on over the waistband of your favorite work trousers. You need a seamless thong to avoid panty lines, but the average thong does nothing to hide the roll. Most “granny panty” type shapewear leaves you with horrible panty lines.

Enter the ultimate compromise.

The High Waist Thong by Body Wrap is a seamless thong and a waist shaper all in one. It flattens, slims and smooths your waist and seamlessly disappears under you curve hugging slacks and skirts. Is it pretty? No. Practical? Heck yeah!

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