Felina Margaux Thong

Felina Margaux ThongIf last week’s featured thong flew out of a Star Trek episode, then this week’s thong might be something you’d see if Meet Me in St. Louis were remade as a late night soft porn for Cinemax.  We know that sounds like a dig on this thong, but we actually mean it in a good way.

The Felina Margaux thong claims a “touch of charm with an emphasis on romance”.  It is certainly charming in that the polka dot style with its lovely floral embroidery and the tiny tuxedo bow with its little rhinestone take us back to the turn of the century.  The three narrow elastic strips in the waistband further emphasize the sort of barbshop quartet look that is common of romanticized versions of Main Street USA.  Otherwise, the waistband is quite sheer, light and airy all the way around to the rear, dispite the fact that it’s wider than the typical thong’s waistband.

When paired with the matching bra, the Margaux thong loses some of its turn of the century appeal (mostly due to the lack of stripes on the bra).  The full set is still quite pretty, though.

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