Cosabella Bathsheba thong

Cosabella Bathsheba thongIf  you’re up on your biblical history (and really, what casual browser of lingerie websites isn’t?), then you’ll know that Bathsheba was the  wife of Uriah the Hittite.  As legend goes, she was bathing one day while King David was hanging out on his roof.  He spied the sexy Bathsheba and was unable to contain himself.  Bathsheba, of course became pregnant so David tried to get Uriah to sleep with her so that it would look like she was pregnant with his child.  Uriah, however, wanted to stay with the army rather than copulate with his wife (we have serious doubts about this part of the story), so David had him abandoned and left to the enemy.  David was then free to marry Bathsheba.

In the Hebrew Midrash the story goes a little differently.  David was out hunting a bird.  Bathsheba was naked behind a screen.  The bird flew by the screen.  David shot at the bird.  The screen split.  Naked Bathsheba was revealed to David.  It was all the bird’s fault.

We don’t really know what any of this has to do with the Cosabella Bathsheba thong.  Perhaps it’s styled after Bathsheba, Barbados – a breathtakingly beautiful stretch of coastline on the eastern side of the island.  In any case, the Bathsheba thong is covered in beautiful floral embroidery on the lace front panel.  The thin elastic waist is scalloped and decorated with a small elastic bow.  The minimal coverage rear is composed of mesh.

The Cosabella Bathsheba thong has an excellent “summery” air about it.  Its light blue “mint” color and cool floral appearance would fit perfectly with the fresh sea breezes and the paradise like landscape of Barbados.  Have a happy Thong Thursday!

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  1. Lizbeth says:

    Either way Bathsheba was naked and once that is established I suppose the rest is inevitable. The thong is very pretty as I love colorful panties, I have enough of the plain old black panties. Very feminine as they should be.

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