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purple_tankadeaMost people wear a thong for a very specific reason – so their panties won’t show. But a thong with the wrong fit will show in the worst ways – bulges on the hips, lines through the cheeks, dark colors through light pants, and other poor mistakes.

Finding a great thong means it won’t show under your clothes, and it’s also COMFORTABLE. No one wants to deal with a wedgie all day.

Recently I tried a new Adea thong. I had the low rise green thong I wrote about a while back, but their line includes so many fun colors that I tried the lavender. It’s actually a bit brighter than the swatch on the web site (at least on my monitor).

The fit of this thong is great. It disappears under clingy dresses I wear to work, and under tight pants I wear to the gym. It’s so comfortable for the gym, too! Some thongs have a seam that hits right where it hurts when I do situps, but the Adea is forgettable all day. Which is what great underwear should be!

It’s made from an Italian jersey a.k.a. lightweight microfiber. The unique fabric ‘breathes’ to maintain body temperature. The adea long sleeve and layering pieces retain body heat for cool weather, or the camis and panties can let perspiration escape during warm weather. I wear the camis to run in and around theme parks in the hot Florida sun. The pieces retain shape nicely too. The wrinkle resistant jersey is great if you throw your laundry in the dryer and then forget it’s sitting in there all day like I do, or for travel. 

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