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Hanky Panky After Midnight

The “World’s Most Comfortable Thong” just got sexier! Hanky Panky, known for their comfy stretch lace thong, launched a risqué ‘open panel’ version of its best-selling Signature Lace thong. The ‘open panel’ low-rise thong, along with the matching ‘peek-a-boo’ bra, is part of a new limited edition collection that is being launched exclusively with online […]

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Wear-Once Panties

Do you remember those horrible teenage days of sitting in math class wondering if Aunt Flow just came to visit and dreading standing up? You were afraid a stain that would kill your reputation and embarrass you forever was spreading right that very second… Or – have you ever been camping and sat in that […]

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Thigh Society

I’m Marnie Consky, and I suffer from “chub rub”. You know, that dreaded feeling when your thighs rub together… I love to wear skirts, especially in the summer, but with the heat and humidity, my inner thighs rub together and the resulting rash is UNBEARABLE. I’ve tried it all: Bicycle shorts don’t solve the problem. […]

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Trends we love – Rumba Panties

Although they have been around a while, lately there has been quite a spotlight on Rumba panties. These panties can be found with layers of ruffles all the way around, or with tiers of surprises on the tush. They are girly, flirty, youthful and fun! And if a bit peeks out when that sundress flies […]

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