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Got HOTmilk?

I think pregnant women have it so easy today. Perhaps I am kidding myself.  But way back when I was pregnant and needed new clothes – desperately – like every 4 weeks, maternity clothes were NOT cute, were not at the GAP or Target. They were ugly AND expensive. And made you look like a […]

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n-fini Shapewear Giveaway!

Yesterday we told you about the n-fini Body Shaper Bodysuit. In the past we told you about their bras. Now you can find out who else raves about their products on the n-fini Facebook page! They’ve also offered our readers a great 10% discount, just enter “madshape” at checkout (without the quotes). AND !!! Because they […]

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Dreaming of Vampires?

Sucked in by New Moon? Move over Bella… have a bite at Killer Figure instead!

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Best Valentines Day Promotion

We received a lot of emails from New Years till now featuring the finest in fiesty, flirty, sexy and fun lingerie, underwear and sleepwear for Valentine’s Day. But the Ginch Gonch “Heart-On” Collection email outdid them all. To see this glittery emailed display of red, white and black, click here.

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