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This week we’re showing you sexy lingerie items from UK based Wickedelic Lingerie. Their web site has a wide variety of lingerie, underwear, corsets, costumes, clubwear and more. Get fast, discrete delivery to your door at a price that will bring a smile to your face. If you sign up for their E-newsletter, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase!

My partner recently took it upon himself to “treat” me to a new bikini for my birthday (read: treat himself). To save all that energy it takes driving the 7 minutes to the mall in the evening, he chose to visit Wickedelic Lingerie’s rather sexy web site and buy one of their Mini Bikinis. This was subsequently presented to me on my birthday, accompanied by a huge, lascivious grin. I must admit though that he had to work overtime just to get me to try it on. (At least I got 10 Wicked Points out of the deal!)

Wickedelic micro bikiniNow, they do claim that less is more, but at first glance I was not optimistic that this was going to apply to my new present. Nevertheless, after he adopted his best “please, please ” puppy dog expression, I dutifully did the right thing and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Somehow these itsy bitsy teeny-weeny bits of material do actually manage to cover the essential bits and are amazingly comfortable. Unusual for a bikini nowadays, the label actually sports a “Made in Britain” tag and you can feel the quality of the fabric. That aside, I do modestly suggest that “a Brazilian” is something of a minimum requirement to ensure that everything is properly covered by this fab little number! But once done you quickly forget how almost naked you are. (I told him that was my day-after-my-birthday present that he didn’t know he was buying for me.)

Clearly intended for the most broad minded of beaches or very private locations (and of course the bedroom!)  the Mini Bikini offers the optimum tanning area and guarantees you as much attention as you can handle. Luckily the material remains opaque even when wet (but girls please check everything is in place after a dip!) and the straps, strings and bits of material remain comfortable and (more importantly) secure.

The net effect? My man was all agog, positively drooling – he claimed I looked a million dollars. “Better than naked” he claimed, and I suspect a few hundred other male beach goers shared his view. They do say that men find the flash of thigh or cleavage more sensual than full-blown nakedness and the Wickedelic Lingerie Mini Bikini seems to serve the same purpose – less is indeed more! Go on girls – I dare you to give it a go!

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