Summer 2011 Swimwear

Some of the biggest fashion trends will be visible poolside soon in the essential summer swimsuit. Fashion industry expert and owner of Sylene of Washington, Cyla Weiner, has some insight into 2011 summer swimsuit trends.

Color: shades of navy continue to be strong, as does forest green. Floral shades of orange, coral, fuchsia and peach are popular.

Design: the one-shoulder swimsuit is a strong trend. Throw on a skirt or jeans and you can probably get away with it as outerwear.

Patterns: bold geometric prints and floral suits are in demand. “Prints have a wide range this season offering everything from tribal prints to paisleys, to various color combinations,” Cyla says. She also says polka dots are big for those who want a retro style for summer 2011. (Thanks Katy Perry!)

Added elements: Don’t forget that beauty is in the details! Buckles and metal finishes are strong elements being featured in swimwear this year.

Be “Envied” in your swim suit! The New Voda Swim Collection for summer 2011 features the Envy Push Up top. The secret is in the TOP: Inside the top is a soft and pliant pad that lifts and enhances the breast – visually increase bust size by up to 2 cup sizes! It retains less than a tablespoon of water, so it retains its extraordinary fit even when wet.

Voda Swim is the brainchild of designer and international print model Yulia Drummond. Despite looking hot on the runway, Yulia found that she was self-conscious of her small bust when in a swimsuit. Yulia and her husband Dustin created a bikini that would make the most of the smallest assets – and cuts beyond bikinis are available now, too!

With dramatic side cut-outs, the Voda Swim coral (or black) monokini is accented with 14 ct. gold rings at the hips and string ties. (People ask me if the metal gets hot… just think about how your gold ring or earrings don’t get too hot at the beach… that’s why these are real gold!) The monokini keeps your middle covered while still providing the Envy Push-Up lift. (You can disguise those stretch marks, mommy…)

The monokini comes in sizes S-L and retails for $127.

Voda Swim’s 2011 swimwear collection features bolder colors, dynamic prints and sexy silhouettes. Hues including yellow sunshine, pink lipstick and pearly whites to mix and match. Try a Pink Twist top with a Lipstick bottom, or a Coral top with a Cocoa Blast bottom. The choices are limitless! The vibrant colors are paired with turquoise and tiger’s eye stones, black crocheted lace and 14 ct. gold accents.

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