MIX Bikinis – design your own!

The first COMPLETELY custom bikini line is now available on mixbikini.com! Every piece is interchangeable, making YOU the designer! Just go to the website to pick the style of top and bottom you like, the color or pattern you want for each piece (right cup, left cup, bottom front, bottom back), and then the connector pieces you want to hold it all together.

Ready for a new look? Just pop the pieces apart and purchase some new options to mix and match.

MIX colors & patternsOn top choose from a triangle bikini or halter bikini top. Tankini connected to the bottom coming soon. Then choose the center connector piece between the cups. For the triangle bikini top you can also choose the string color that ties behind your neck.

On bottom choose from a standard bikini bottom, ruched bottom, or Brazilian – and a ring or string to connect them on your hip. The front and back of your new bikini bottom with connect underneath with hook-and-eye closure (like a bodysuit) so you can take them apart to mix with other MIX bikini pieces.

Tops and bottoms come in sizes Petite, S, M, L (up to cup size D and bottom size 8.)

Use their online designer to pick each piece and see your custom bikini come to life on the screen! When you checkout, the shopping cart will show each item with its own price, and your bikini’s total. (After playing around with the website’s design tool, my dream bikini was $60.)

Our friend Erica has MIX bikinis and says:

“I actually JUST got some for myself (I’m about to head away on vacay) and they are actually really awesome)! I have like 10 pieces which makes like 100 bikini combos! I love them because I have a large chest and it still fits me perfectly. It so fun that its all custom… The fFabric is soft and definitely not see through even when wet! I have been in St. maarten, Vegas and LA for over a month wearing my MIX biknis everyday!”

Here are some finished bikinis from the site to give you a design idea:

Halter top with ring in front, and rings at hips. Charm shown on center ring coming soon!

Triangle bikini top with ring connectors and one pink tie at hip.

Design your own bikini

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