Freya Bamboo Island One Piece Swimsuit

We’ve been receiving tons of mail following our last few “swimwear Fridays”.  A bunch of ‘em have been like “Dude, what’s with all the bikinis?  This one comes from Sally in Athens, TN:

Dear Rachel and Jeff,

I absolutely love the swimwear you’ve been featuring on this summer.  It’s all gorgeous, but none of it is right for me.  After 4 babies, my tummy is trashed!  I’m simply not comfortable displaying my stretchmarks to the beach going public while on vacation in South Carolina next month.  Are there no good one piece swimsuits?  Please help!

bambooislandonepieceNo worries, dudes and dudettes, everyone’s entitled to a righteous piece of cloth for their days by the big blue.  Check out this totally awesome Bandeau swimsuit from Freya.  It’s called the Bamboo Island and it’s totally like your classic strapless one-piece swimsuit, okay?  It’s got this radical flowery print that’s kind of like all Asian looking.  It’s also got this like underwire shelf bra which is totally a must have if you’ve got the mondo bazoombas (sizes include F cups).  Plus, the back is open so it’s like…wow!  Showin’ some skin dude!  If you don’t like this one, no worries, because there are plenty more great one piece swimsuits just like it!

So, don’t be afraid to spend some time by the big blue.  There’s something for everybody.  Enjoy your weekend dudes!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I can attest to the Freya swimsuit built-in bras being both comfortable and fabulous at keeping the “mondo bazoombas” where they are supposed to be. I have a 1-pc and a tankini with a built in underwire bra from Freya and they are the staple swimsuits in my Florida wardrobe. They also have detchable straps, and if you make 1 strap as long as it goes, you can use it as a halter.

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