Fantasie Havana Bikini

Fantasie Havana BikiniIt’s June.  Here at Intimate Guide headquarters in sunny Florida, it’s hot.  Really, really hot.  Yes, the A/C is working, but we get sweaty just walking to the car and pretty much all we can think about is relaxing by the pool with a good book and a cold margarita.  So, you’ll forgive us if we’re feeling less “Frilly” and more “Swimmy”.  of course, the fact that there’s some pretty great swimwear available this year doesn’t hurt.

The Havana bikini from Fantasie is just one example of the fantastic designs now available for fuller figured women.  Unlike most swimwear companies, Fantasie makes their swimwear according to bra sizes.  The Havana is available from D-G in cup size and from 32-40 in the band.   The underwire top is foam lined, providing a lovely curvaceous look and plenty of support.  It’s made of chlorine resistant stretch nylon that dries quickly and maintains its shape.  The cooly colored striped pattern is fun and tropical, while the tie detail in the middle adds a sexy little flair not often seen in fuller figured swimwear.  The bikini bottom is a solid blue and the tie detail is echoed along the waist which resembles a very Caribbean striped sash.

Hey, it’s Friday.  Find the nearest beach (even if it’s hundreds of miles away).  Go there.  Look great.  Have fun.  Enjoy your weekend!

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