Circus, Circus by FREYA

Please welcome a guest author today! Here is a swimsuit review by Julia G. of (@GazongasGuru).

With every summer comes the panic attack of having to buy a new swimsuit.

I have a tough time finding tops that fit my natural 32GG chest, but flatter my otherwise slim and petite frame. It’s hard out there for a busty gal!

Usually, I’ll accept the side boob effect and settle for those awkward triangle tops, crossing my fingers that nothing comes undone. I’ve worn suits, where I’ve fallen out of them. Where after one wave, my top is MIA (quick, get me two jellyfish!!!) I cling onto my breasts for dear life at the water park, hoping something doesn’t untie, or pop out and ladies, I’m sick of it! That’s no way to enjoy the summer!

Finally, I found THE bikini. It’s Circus, Circus by FREYA

At first, I was attracted to it’s style. Smooth, secure and adjustable straps, with a hook in the back. I tried it on, and fell in love.

This fit is exactly like my favorite bra. It’s offered in cup sizes, which RULES. It’s comfy, high quality, and doesn’t dig into my shoulders or sides. How many times have I said to myself…”Why can’t I just wear my bra as a bikini? Nothing is more supportive!!!!” AHA, thank you Freya!! Annnnnd it DOES NOT TIE. Halter knots can be a #%*#$, and they KILL my neck! This is secure AND cute.

If you don’t dig the bra fit, there’s a tankini version and a soft cup triangle top, with a variety of adorable bottoms (be prepared, they are a tad cheeky!) The fold over contrasting fabric at the top of my bottoms sets the suit apart, and also give me the option to fold it up if I feel it shows too much.

Freya offers many suits with this fit, in different colors and designs.

I am 135 lbs and a size 4/6. I ordered…
Top: 32GG
Bottoms: Small (the medium was a tad baggy)

You can find this suit online by clicking the photo, or in stores at Intimacy, or go here to try to win one before June 1, 2011. See us pick apart the Freya styles in this old article.

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