Let CD build YOUR bikini!

byobChynna Dolls, a website home to exotic bikinis and dancewear, just launched a tool that allows for over 1 trillion bikini style combinations! It’s the b.y.o.b. software – build your online bikini!

On the b.y.o.b. page, a photo of Chynna Dolls’ sexy, quality bikini is featured in basic black on a photo of a woman. As you choose the colors, trims and accessories you want added to customize your swimwear, the image changes so you can see what you’ll get. Contrasting piping, lace trim, pads in the top, Bond girl silver rings on your hips… all the details you want in a bikini are available – and not only does the image change, your price is calculated as well.

bikiniIt’s fun, easy and takes away the awful guesswork associated with customizing an online purchase.

Allow up to 2 weeks for your custom bikini production. All sales are final on custom orders.

But you don’t have to customize your swimwear on Chynna Dolls. You can also browse through their unique online bikini collection where you’ll find hoodie bikinis, one-piece bikinis (no, it’s not an oximoron, check them out), micro and string bikinis, little skirts to throw over your bikini and sexy dresses you can wear on the beach when you go from bikini to bar – or for a hot night out.

Our favorite is the Bi-Color Neon Pink and Tourquoise Bikini with Ruffle Lace trim. It ties at the hips and around back for the best fit and the colors will pop against almost any skin tone in the hot sand.

Check out the Chynna Doll swimsuit bottoms for Scrunch Butt - a design that contours the bikini to your sexy curves. Also knowns as Pucker Backs, Pucker Bottoms, Pucker Butt, Scrunchie Butt Bikinis, Scrunch Bottom, and so on – all names referring to the ruching seam between the cheeks. Scrunch butt will fit and flatter like no other!

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