Bamboo Island Bikini Review

Although the Bamboo Island site is down while it’s getting a makeover, you can view their latest and greatest swimwear styles on their Facebook page. This year the variety includes flowers, stripes, tie dye, plaid, bright solids and tribal prints.

Our teen reviewer tested out an adorable bikini from their Island Party collection. The swimsuit includes a Triangle Slider Bikini top and Tie-Side Bikini bottom. She got the swimsuit free, but the opinions below are her own.

The look on the hanger:
I looked through a number of swimsuits and this one really caught my eye. There were cute cherries on it and adorable ruffles. I was a little worried about the fact that the background color was white but decided it would be cute to try out. (It’s hard to see the ruffles in the photo, but they are along the bra cups and across the hips.)

The feel:
Comfortable is a perfect description of this swimsuit. Nothing itched, poked, or scratched. It was easy to just hang out in and didn’t feel like it was pasted to my skin when it was wet. It is light weight and perfect for lounging around or swimming in the pool.

The Fit:
The top of this swimsuit fit perfectly. The cups were moveable along the string but stayed in place while I wore it – which is an absolute must for any string bikini. The white background wasn’t a problem at all (both wet and dry). It never got see-through. The bottoms were a little skimpy on the tush and rode up a little during regular movement, but nothing too terrible. If you like more cheek showing, these are for you! The only problem was the ruffles on the bottom didn’t lie very flat when dry.

The top of this swimsuit is adorable. The bottoms are just OK. While I would recommend both pieces to a friend, if you fear skimpier bottoms I would opt to mix-and-match a solid pair with this top.

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  1. isn’t this one which katy perry wears?

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