Patterned Grey Tights for the Fall

Wolford Leaves PantyhoseI’ve been told that grey is the new black. From this day forward (or at least until chartreuse becomes the new grey), evil magicians will be said to practice “grey magic”, evil cowboys will wear grey hats and evil matter sucking voids in outer space will be referred to as “grey holes”.


It’s fashionspeak for “there’s going to be a whole lot of grey on the racks in the mall this fall”. The fall 2007 fashion trend reports point to a lot of monochromatic grey in the coming months. It’s highly possible that on those cold rainy days in November, we might all just blend into the urban landscape. How can you set yourself apart

With your legs, of course!

If you’re going to do the popular monochromatic grey look this fall, why not add some spice with exquisite patterned tights. Wolford’s leaves pantyhose (pictured) have a tasteful leaf pattern with an open stitch effect. They come in grey and will work great with a knee length skirt, or a knit sweater dress.

You might also break out the fishnets. Wolford’s honeycomb stay-up stockings are offered in “drizzle” and “smoke blue” to keep with the monochromatic grey motif. Fishnets are never out of style, but you need to be careful. The trick is to keep the outfit classy. Don’t wear your fishnets with an ultra short skirt.

Fishnets already have a racy reputation, so it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit conservative. The fishnets are your statement. You don’t need to make another one. That’s why they’re perfect for the monochromatic grey look.

Patterned tights have the added bonus of keeping you warm. You can make fishnets warmer by wearing a pair of nude pantyhose underneath. So go on. Get a little creative with your leg-wear this fall and you’ll avoid being just another grey silhouette in the city.

*Edit* Check out our five recommendations for patterned pantyhose this year.

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