Not just socks, Planet Sox

For some reason, socks are a common Christmas gift. I don’t know if it ties into stockings hanging from the mantle, the cold weather, or just being practical. But instead of just giving socks, you can give the whole darn planet – Planet Sox! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Planet Sox is a brand that makes FUN socks.

Socks are always needed, cheap to buy, and easy to have fun with. And socks that you may be too embarrassed to wear in public (for good reason) can be hidden this time of year under boots (kind of like hiding your leopard print underwear.) Here are some sock ideas for everyone on your list:

mary jane socksThe Ballerina / Princess: Ladies and little girls love these Mary Jane sock slippers. With real buckle detailing and those non-skid sticky dots on the bottom, they bring comfort to what was once just lady-like. If you are giving any little girls the Nancy Drew movie this year, these socks make a great extra to go along with it. Also in bootie style for baby girls!

For your cousin in Florida / California/ Texas: People who are not spending the holidays in a cold climate sometimes miss the snow, cold, bundling up, cocoa nights. Really, just for a month, they do! Make them feel like it is winter with slipper socks that look like those great Norwegian ski sweaters. Planet Sox has different color combinations as shown here – some in a true slipper style with a formed sole, and some are more like heavy socks (like mine – the black and grey ones.) (And no, they don’t make me slip on my ceramic tile floor. Everyone keeps asking me that.)

booties my planet sox

heart slipper socksFor the tween girl: Tween girls are often hard to please! Styles are ever-changing and girls who are just starting to use fashion to express themselves seem awfully picky. But every year furry, fuzzy boots that cost an arm and a leg are in style. Socks that look like those furry, fuzzy boots are $12 or less from Planet Sox. Shown here with fur-topped trim, pom pom tie in front and hot pink hearts. (For more tween gift ideas, see The Spirited Woman Holiday gift guide)

reindeer head socksFor the one who loves the spirit of Christmas: We all know those joyful, loving people who celebrate Christmas for a month simply because they love the feeling the holiday should stand for. They make fudge from scratch, wear sweaters with jingle bells on them, and start to decorate Thanksgiving night. Even their pets have stockings stuffed with gifts on Dec. 25. For the die-hard Christmas fan (and we need more of those!), you can’t go wrong with Red Nosed Reindeer socks! The slipper socks shown here are soft soft and fuzzy and cover cold ankles. These are for adults. The kids version is a true sock in lighter colors with the same head to stick out over the back of your child’s favorite sneakers.

Under Armour pink socksFor the athlete: We all have a friend (maybe 2) who runs every day, goes to spinning class for fun, has more lycra than denim in their wardrobe… perhaps a health nut or gym rat or triathlete we’re just jealous of. Dec. 26th will bring a marathon of working off cookies for this person! Well, constant sports means special socks. Avoid cotton and go for a nylon blend. These Under Armour Tornado Trainer socks have special?knit-in arch support to reduce fatigue and aid in blood circulation and mesh top provides maximum ventilation and moisture management. ArmourBlock embedded in the fibers prevents the growth of bacteria and eliminates odor. Two Pair Pack about $12.

Tommy Hilfiger argyle socksFor the prep-ster: Because preppy people just can’t be caught dead in silly socks (OMG!) catch the new Tommy Hilfiger argyle socks for him or her. My daughter has the pink ones with the tiny satin bow at the top, but little did I know that argyle was in again! Of course Tommy Hilfiger knew, and anyone who reads a fashion magazine from Aug-Jan will know, so you can’t go wrong with these! (Super cute matching cardigan also available)

Find Planet Sox footwear at Sears, Filene’s Basement, Daffy’s and Strawberry – retail $5-$12.00.

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