Homecoming Hosiery

Toeless Control Top PantyhoseIt’s getting to be that time of year again. The air is getting cooler, school is in session, and weekends revolve around food, family and football. Soon, teens around the United States will be scrambling to find a date to the formal homecoming dance. Rachel’s cousin is one of those teens. Fortunately, she’s already found a date. Her problem is one often faced by a group of people who get to hang out in jeans pretty much all the time – what to wear.

She found a lovely pink dress and some elegant sandals fit for a princess. The problem is that she’s afraid of the dreaded visible panty lines. She’s opted to solve this problem by foregoing panties entirely and wearing control top pantyhose. Now, normally that’s not the way I would recommend solving the problem. I’d opt for a laser cut sheer nude thong instead.

Now, we’re presented with another problem. Pantyhose will look dorky with the lovely sandals. Sure, sandalfoot hose are an option, but even without the seams, the nylon over the toes just isn’t that fashionable – especially if you’re trying to show off a pedicure. The solution?

Toeless control top pantyhose.

They’re just like regular pantyhose without toe coverage. They’ve got a “toe thong” that slides between the big toe and its skinny little neighbor to hold things in place on the foot. The elastic transition zone is safely hidden underneath the straps of the sandle. Above the strap, there’s pantyhose. Below the strap, the toes are bare.

So, she’ll avoid a Britney Spears moment when exiting the limo, she’ll get the benefit of shapewear, she’ll get a tiny bit of added warmth for her legs and she’ll still get to show off her pedicure! With proper skin matching, most people will never know she’s wearing pantyhose.

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  1. Annie says:

    I have a tip when wearing thigh hi’s/pantyhose. I used to ruin them because my feet were rough on the bottom. Out here in Arizona the air is very dry so to alleviate the dry feet that ruin my thigh hi’s (hate pantyhose) I put vaseline on my feet every other day. The trick is to put gobs of it on and then put on thick cotton socks and leave them on for at least a half hour. Your feet will look and feel great after a week and no more ruined nylons girls!

  2. why is it when you are looking on websites for stocking you have to buy 3 at a time and not just one pair

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