Corset Fishnet Pantyhose

Typically when you think of a corset, you think of a waist cincher with laces up your back that may or may not keep you from breathing correctly throughout the night. But here’s a new treat…

Baci Lingerie now introduces Corset Fishnet Pantyhose. They are like typical, daring black fishnets from the front but with a surprise in store in the back. Pretty, hot pink satin ribbon threads in and out up the back of the legsĀ  from ankle to waist starting and ending with a small bow. These are HOT and SEXY. You might wear them out, or you might wear them on a special night when you stay in!

I love the little white boxes Baci lingerie comes in. The front of the box shows a full size photo of the product on a model, and just flip the box over to see the back of the product, with the model’s photo taken from behind! It’s so simple, yet so innovative. We don’t need a lot of words explaining each lingerie piece. We need a picture of how it looks so we can decide if it is the right item for the mood, and we need to know the size. I love this concept!

These corset fishnets come unlaced, so you can put them on and thread them up to your size. They are a one-size-fits-most product with a stretchy waistband I would not recommend for over a size 14. They are not crotchless, but the crotch is full fishnet, not lined, so you can show your favorite panties through or go as bare as you dare!

The fishnet thread is very soft and stretchy, and won’t snag on your fingernails. You can check out these lace-up black and pink fishnets by zooming in on the photo on the My Pleasure web site, where they retail for under $20.

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  1. Lacey says:

    I just bought a pair of these and they are super sexy! I surprised my boyfriend with them this weekend when we went out to dinner and he was speechless :-) I highly recommend them!

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