Product Review: Nite Sweatz Sleepwear

You may have read some previous reviews here about the great Nite Sweatz sleepwear line for women that Lesley Hatfield designed to wick away moisture. Stop sweating overnight, don’t toss and turn, and certainly don’t – shudder – avoid cuddling! Get NiteSweatz!

Last night I tried a new set from NiteSweatz, the Boxher-Flutter Tee Set. This is a boxer short and top set designed for all the people who told NiteSweatz “but I always sleep in boxers and a tshirt“.
sweat wick boxer and top sleepwear

The Look on the hanger: 9 out of 10. The cut makes this set attractive. It’s not too boxy in the shorts or top – with flutter details to pretty things up. It comes in different colors (cranberry, sky blue, pink - 6 different colors) to suit all skin tones. I tried the strawberry, which is a deep coral-pink, not bubblegum.

The Fit: 10 out of 10. The box-hers aren’t too short and aren’t too long. They cover enough inner thigh that you could move around in them without anything rubbing together – but they are short enough that you shouldn’t be doing leg exercises on the floor in front of company in these. They have a narrow elastic waistband with a little tie (not a drawstring). The flutter on the tee gives you that little something on your arms that’s not binding, the tie on the front is just for fun without showing too much cleavage. They run very true to size and come up to size 2XL (22).

The Feel: 10 out of 10. The soft wicking fabric really keeps you dry. And it’s so lightweight you’ll think you’re sleeping nude – honestly. Total comfort all night. No wedgie from the shorts. No belly button hanging out of the top.
Overall: 10 out of 10. I really like this set. They are comfortable, flattering and easy to pack. The fabric feels great, wears well, and washes nicely. They are “girl next door” flirty.
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  1. Hooray!

    I typically read your ‘advice for Men’ section for my husband, but had to comment on this pj article.

    I love my Nitesweatz.

    I got sick of changing clothes 16 times a night, and nitesweatz two-piece sets were a godsend for me. I stay dry, but also cool.

    This time of life is not exactly sexy, but at least I have some pjs now that make it a bit easier to be comfortable and happy in bed.

    Thanks for the article. I’m off to find some more stuff on the nitesweatz web site.

    Myrtle Beach, SC

  2. Mya says:

    I have tried NiteSweatz and I have to say they are AMAZING!!! I love looking hot while not being hot! The cool feel of the fabric puts me to sleep every night. I even wear some of my pieces as clothes. How great is that? PJ’s that can be clothes. Novel idea. Makes getting dressed a lot easier. I have recommended these to everyone I know. All of the ladies in my family are wearing NiteSweatz. Maybe they will give me something for writing this, just kidding :)

  3. Jackie says:

    I thought your evaluation of NiteSweatz was spot on!! I have several of the styles but not the boxher-flutter sleeve tee set, (but will for spring/summer). I started wearing NiteSweatz when one of my friends gave me a pair for my baby shower 4 years ago. Who knew you that you lost your baby weight by SWEATING it out at night? Something many women keep to themselves, but thank goodness for my girlfriend who was honest with me about many of the joys of motherhood! I honestly can say that I havent worn anything else to bed since that first night. When I wear other pajamas I “feel” them on me. When I wear NiteSweatz it feels like I am not wearing anything at all. One other comment, they wash and wear GREAT! They dont require special handling and love to be dried, they never shrink!!

    Dayton, OH

  4. Heather says:

    I?ve been wearing NiteSweatz for years and they are absolutely the most comfortable pajamas and functional too! I started wearing them after delivering my son and my hormones were out of wack. NiteSweatz kept me dry during the night and I kept them on throughout the day because they worked great for breastfeeding. Now no longer having the hormonal issue from childbirth, I am taking medication that occasionally causes hot flashes at night. Once again, NiteSweatz to the rescue! And if that wasn?t enough, it?s winter and very cold in New England. Because of the silky feeling fabric they are just right for wearing to bed with flannel sheets, they don?t grab and tug. Feel great, look great, day or night ? truly pajama perfection!

    Norton, MA

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