Our Vivacious Chemise

Today’s Guest Post is by Jen of 2% Butterscotch Ripple. She received lingerie items complements of the mother-daughter team that owns About Curves, a plus size lingerie web site.

When I was a little girl I wore nightgowns all the time. I loved taking my nightie for a twirl in my bedroom. In fact, I can remember putting on princess shows for the family in long, silky, frilly gowns. So when I saw this pretty, pink chemise night gown I immediately thought of all the twirling I could do in it!
Since getting the “Our Vivacious Chemise” from About Curves it has quickly become my first choice in sleepwear. Normally I would grab the most comfortable thing in my PJ drawer not caring two hoots about what it looked like. This vivacious nightgown has proven to me that I don’t have to sleep in a pizza sauce stained t-shirt to feel comfortable. Nope. This night gown is not only extremely comfortable it also makes me feel pretty and feminine - like a princess. I feel a twirl coming on!

Look on the Hanger: Looking at this chemise on the About Curves website I could just see that it would be comfortable. In fact they use the word “stretch” to describe the fabric frequently so I figured it really had to feel comfy. The pink on the site is a bit brighter than it really is, which is fine with me. I like the more rosy pink color. The opening of the sleeves looked proportionate to the rest of the chemise.

The Fit & Feel: The stretch knit fabric makes this so soft and it is very comfortable to wear. This chemise is so comfortable, in fact, that I have reached over old t-shirts to grab this on many nights. The lace over the bodice is seamed in the middle so it actually fits the shape of your breasts and because the lace is sheer it is definitely a “bedroom only” night gown and not meant for all eyes.

On a lot of plus-sized clothing the width of the sleeves are out of proportion with the rest of the garment and it makes the sleeves sag and droop. Not here. The sleeves are cut correctly and not too big, which means that someone out there is listening to our requests and with sizes ranging from 1X to 7X there will be plenty of happy curvy girls out there!

Drawbacks: The only drawback to this chemise is that the V in the lace bodice is only tacked down on the top which leaves about a 5 inch gap of open fabric. So when you move about that spot easily gaps open. I remedied that with a needle and pink thread, but you can dare to show more skin if you please.

Overall Rating: I happily give this vivacious chemise a 9/10.

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  1. KC at AboutCurves.com says:

    We’re thrilled to hear that we’ve made you feel like a princess– every woman deserves to go to bed feeling beautiful! And the sleeves were something we were thrilled to design right; some of us don’t like showing off our upper arms as we get older :)

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