Merlot Pure Bliss Chemise

I’m not really sure what was the final reason I decided on this Merlot Pure Bliss Chemise from About Curves, but what I do know is that I am a genius for choosing this nightie! I have my PJ drawer divided into comfy shorts, comfy PJ bottoms, t-shirts and “other”. The spot for my “other” PJs was practically nonexistent so I decided to try out something fun, feminine and out of my “comfy” zone.

A friend of mine suggested as a great source for plus-sized lingerie. I had a great time shopping through their pages, trying to pick out a few things to stock up my drawers. I saw this chemise and though it looked very pretty, I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable in something so form fitting. But I kept coming back to the merlot color. On their website they showed three curvy models of light, medium and dark skin and this dusty plum color looked great on all three. So it’s quite possible that the beautiful color is what made that final decision for me.

Look on the Hanger: It was plain to see that this was a clingy fabric. The details on the website boasted that it was a “cool, comfortable, wicking micro-fiber”. This was a chemise that would show off every one of my curves, not one bit of extra fabric to lurk under! Also, it looked like the top was sung enough to offer good support-or at least enough for sleeping. I did get this one size up, and thanks to About Curves customer service recommendation, that was the right choice.

The Fit & Feel: I must admit that I was a bit nervous about wearing something so clingy but when it arrived I couldn’t stop touching the fabric. It is lightweight, soft and so smooth – I couldn’t wait to try it on. The thin, adjustable straps do a cute little crisscross over your back, which offer plenty of support for sleeping. An added bonus of the form fitting fabric is that it stays in place all night long. I didn’t have to do the hated nightgown tugs in the middle of the night. The little bit of ruffle around the bra top is plenty to make the chemise feel very grown-up and feminine. A far cry from some ruffles I remember from a prom dress! But honestly, the most surprising thing I got from this chemise is what it did for me. My curves were not hiding out under an over-sized Hard Rock T-shirt, they were there out in plain sight and I found out that I was just fine with that! Especially when they were covered in a merlot colored micro-fiber that is the fabric equivalent to “buttah”!

Drawbacks: My one and only drawback is that I didn’t order this sooner! With fall weather settling in I’ve worn this enough times to know that this will not be winter-friendly in upstate Pennsylvania! Soon it will go into the drawer until spring is here…

Overall Rating: 10/10 – The wine micro-fiber fabric wicks away moisture, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable all night long!

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