The new Unbelievabra Tankee

tankeeFollowing up the success of the first 2 Unbelievabras (The Ultimate and The Shortee) Shapeez shapewear brand announced the launch of their newest version – The Unbelievabra Tankee.  

The Tankee features a narrowed, cut-in back design at the shoulders and does not extend all the way to the shoulder blades. Now you can wear your Unbelievabra with sleeveless and tank top styles!  

To appeal to women wishing for an all-in-one superior bra, camisole and torso slimming solution, The Tankee comes in both torso length and cropped like a sports bra – in nude and NEW white, as well as in new sizes Small AA and Medium AA.  

Hollywood has also jumped on the Shapeez bandwagon, with orders from the likes of makeup artist Bobbi Brown as well as actresses Mary McCormack, Lesley Ann Warren and Danielle Bisutti. I also saw the Unbelievabra featured in the June/July issue of “People Magazine’s StyleWatch” as one of summer’s “Best New Bras!”.

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