Spanx on Rachael Ray

I’m a sucker for makeover shows. I love watching women who have no clue how it feels to look good in your own skin suddenly learn how to present themselves in a new light. Watching hot new hair, makeup and fashion trends isn’t bad either.

Yesterday, Jillian Michaels, the The Biggest Loser trainer, was on Rachael Ray. Jillian put Marilyn Kentz, star of the ’90s comedy series “The Mommies”, on a work out program. Marilyn gained 40 pounds since her television days, and I didn’t even recognize her.

Jillian gave Marilyn a NordicTrack Incline Trainer with preprogrammed workouts. They talk about food and exercise. Her goal is to lose 20 pounds in 30 days.  After 30 days, Marilyn comes on the Rachael Ray show to show off her new and improved self. She dropped four dress sizes & 18 pounds. She comes out in a red sleeveless shift dress to screams from the audience.

spanx shapewear“Cute dress Marilyn,” Rachael says.

“Well, I’m sucking it in and I have Spanx on.” She responds with candor.

“Don’t you love them Spanx?” Rachael asks.

“Love the Spanx! Yah.” Marilyn agrees. Then she gives a twirl to show off her weight loss.

I was so pleased to hear the outright plug for the little fabric that could. Did you know Spanx has Bras, Camis, Hosiery & Panties as well as Shapewear?

I did a search on the Rachael Ray site for Spanx. They were all over the place! Last June Gayle King (famous for being Oprah’s friend) said they were one of her favorite things. And Spanx was mentioned over and over again in the “On the Show – Saw it? Want it? Get it!” section of the site.

Valerie Bertinelli said on the Rachael Ray show last year that they are her favorite slimming trick. “When I started my diet I used a large and now I’m in a small but I don’t care. I lost 40 pounds and I’m still wearing them.” She then offered 3 moms a lifetime supply and gave samples to the audience. 

A wedding expert on the show once said that when shopping for your gown you should wear “a convertible bra, seamless panties and Spanx, along with a pair of shoes that are the same height you’d want to wear under your dress.” 

Good to know. Don’t be shy, everyone else admits to wearing them. And my favorite makeover host, Gok Wan of “How to look Good Naked”, recommends them to everyone. My advice to you? Stop reading and get your own!

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  1. It is a good Shapewear. It could serve the dual purposes of tummy control and thigh slimmer.

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