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Sassybax shapewear is a stylish intimate apparel line with a range of elegant pieces that effectively smooth over the contours of a woman’s body for a slimmer, sexier silhouette. Featured in “O” Magazine, “Real Simple”, The View, Good Morning America and more, the products are seamlessly made from microfiber nylon / spandex blend, and designed to smooth and slim the back and torso, and eliminate visible bra or panty lines.

I was given a Sassybax Control Lace Brief to try out. Of course it looks just as awesome on my tushy as on Nicole Kidman in the new film Paper Boy. Apparently, Nicole had a few styles/companies to choose from for the scene below and chose Sassybax. It’s in one scene and you can see it in the trailer (2:31).

I spent a work day wearing the brief, then washed it in the washing machine, dried it in the dryer (oh my!) and wore it again.

Now, because this piece can control both tummy and tush, there is not a lot of give to the fabric as you put it on. You need to shimmy in. This worried me a bit. I thought it would be constrictive. I thought the pressure might keep me peeing all day (TMI!)

But I was WRONG.

This product does not compromise comfort. The fabric stays cool, which is nice if you’re still in the 70′s in Florida like me. And the top edge (or waistband, which you can see in the photo hits your TRUE waist, above the navel, in these) did not fold down on me while sitting at a computer throughout the day. Nor did it flop over in the car. That’s usually where shapewear fails me – in the car. And this did not.

I wore it under a black pencil skirt and had no panty line.

“The stretchy, smooth microfiber moves and breathes with your body, allowing you the freedom of being more of who you are,” says Sassybax founder and president, Amanda Horan Kennedy.

In line with this motto of wearability, Sassybax designs also eliminate clasps, hooks and clothing tags. Their Classic Collection features streamlined designes in neutral hues, while their Pretty Collection offers sexier cuts and delicate lacy details.

This piece is from the Pretty Collection and has some black on black lace detailing. It also comes in nude.  Here is a little pic of the whole collection:

So what are you waiting for? Throw on your Sassybax!

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