Flexees Fat Free Leggings

This is a product review for Flexees Fat Free Leggings. I received a free pair – coupled with a whole lot of doubt in my mind. Here’s why…

About 13 years ago I was pregnant — twice in fact. I had 2 lovely babies back-to-back. Unfortunately this was before The Gap, Old Navy and Target all carried cute, affordable maternity clothing. My option was hand-me-downs, expensive maternity specialty stores, or just big clothes that fit. Rewind a few years, and I was one of those girls who wore leggings a lot, with long sweater dresses, or fluorescent “Gag Me with a Spoon” t-shirts. Leggings were in. And even though I went to a school where girls were required to wear skirts, we layered leggings under our skirts, especially when it was snowing outside. Fastforward back to pregnancy, and I had some solid colored leggings that could be an easy wardrobe staple. Tuck them under my growing pregnant belly, wear a button down shirt borrowed from my husband’s closet and – boom – instant free maternity outfit!

So after 2 pregnancies and a heck of a lot of black leggings for work and pink leggings for play, I was sick of leggings! I have not worn them for over a decade. And I know they came back in style a few years ago with tunic tops, or for kids under jean shorts, but I avoided them. Even for working out – give me bootleg yoga pants please!

Now you understand why when I was introduced to the new Flexees line, I didn’t glance at their leggings. Even though they were on the Maidenfrom website, and I love Maidenform. But when I was offered a pair to try it just happened to be right after buying this great studded top on sale at Macy’s for only $10 that just begged to be worn over leggings. So I said yes. And I figured if I hated them, I’d return the top.

These aren’t just ordinary leggings, they are shapewear made to slim, shape, and smooth your body. They are made from a silky soft 70% Nylon fabric that is  comfortable and breathable. I tested this out by wearing them once on an evening out and once to the gym before washing them. The control is in a panel that wraps from tummy to tush to smooth your waistline, and throughout the double layered legs to add control.

The soft fabric was a great first thing for me to notice. The fact that they were NOT difficult to put on, easier even than tights, was the next best part. The way they made my legs seem slimmer – even my squishy knees looked toned – was awesome! The confidence they gave me as the support around the midsection lifted me taller was wonderful. And then wearing them to the gym was the final kicker – breathable so I didn’t look too sweaty, no extra fabric to get caught in machines or hide my legs when the yoga instructor was checking our form.

I’ve since worn these leggings twice a week, each week. I found they do run easily. Not with a gaping hole like pantyhose, but they kind of pill up where they have been rubbed a lot. I tucked them into zip-up boots to go out one night and you can see where they rubbed against the metal inside the boot. So I wash them in a lingerie bag to keep them safer – but I still toss them in the washing machine. I try not to put them in the dryer, but when they were dirty and I really wanted to wear them to a concert I washed and dried them that afternoon and they were fine – nothing shrunk.

These are shapewear, but not intensely so. They don’t feel restrictive or binding, and like I said earlier you don’t have to wiggle in and out of them. I am always between a size S and M, so I ordered the M and that could be why. I also like the length – just shorter than ankle length. They look like capris for the gym, and you can even yank them up an inch or two and they will stay in place, but when I wear them with boots they tuck in and blend in with no leg showing.

Another great extra to go with your next night out are Kushyfoot’s “Flats to Go”. They are soft ballet flats that fold up into a little pouch or your purse – so when your toes are too tired to wear heels any longer you can change into these. I find that after dancing or a party I kick my heels off in the car on the way home and DREAD slipping them back on just to walk in to my house. But Flats to Go are like sliding into slippers. They are cheap and come in neutral colors, so there’s really no reason not to leave comfortably with a pair of these in your evening bag. They have an elastic back for a better fit, and because they are made by Kushyfoot they feature their unique, 3-dimensional wavy sole that cushions and massages your foot as you walk.

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  1. Lisa Buben says:

    These leggings look perfect for this season’s fashion and a great way to stay warm and comfortable.

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