Wear-Once Panties

Do you remember those horrible teenage days of sitting in math class wondering if Aunt Flow just came to visit and dreading standing up? You were afraid a stain that would kill your reputation and embarrass you forever was spreading right that very second…

Or – have you ever been camping and sat in that grassy spot you didn’t realize was quite as wet as it was, and now you were left with a wet tush while miles from your comfy wardrobe?

Or how about this one – are you a runner? Do you pack your gear and flats and travel to stay in a hotel only to rise at 4am to beat the marathon rush?

tagalongspanties1If this describes the inner girl you are, you need MYTAGALONGS wear-once panties. These soft, comfortable, disposable panties come rolled up and individually wrapped in a package tinier than a tampon. They are made from a lightweight, breathable fabric you can almost see through and have a 100% cotton gusset and are sterilized. Although they are disposable, they can be machine washed up to 3 times. The packaging says they are recyclable – I think they mean biodegradable.

My package came with 5 pairs – 2 nude and 3 black. They also come in cotton candy pink, though. I showed them to friend who is an ER nurse and works crazy hours and she immediately bought them to throw in her purse and her locker. Hers are bikini but mine are thong. Mine are in a desk drawer hidden in a kids pencil box. You’d never know!

These are a cheap solution to some crummy problems. 2 pair for $3, or 5 pair for $5.

MYTAGALONGS has a series of products to help women who are on the go to always be prepared. Co-founders Jeannie Vondjidis and Nicole Authier interviewed over 200 Canadian women while delving into their handbags, to understand their daily needs. Check out the full line today!

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