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I’m Marnie Consky, and I suffer from “chub rub”. You know, that dreaded feeling when your thighs rub together…

I love to wear skirts, especially in the summer, but with the heat and humidity, my inner thighs rub together and the resulting rash

I’ve tried it all: Bicycle shorts don’t solve the problem. High spandex waists bunch up and need to be folded over, the material is too thick, and without a gusset, panties need to be worn underneath. Shaping garments are out of the question – I don’t want to squeeze into tight shorts all day that don’t breathe! Powders, creams and gels help for a while, but have to be carried around and re-applied throughout the day (and they don’t fit in a cute purse!).

One day I finally got up the courage to ask my girlfriends if they had similar problems, and a great many of them did, with no real fix. So I decided to create my own solution!

After testing many prototypes on myself and other women of all shapes and sizes, I created what I think is the best solution: a super soft, lightweight and breathable panty for women looking for inner thigh coverage. This simple
underwear works like a dream to eliminate “chub rub” for good!

thighsocietyThigh Society’s seam free construction means they won’t show under clothing and the fabric is breathable, soft and lightweight (while bicycle shorts are constricting, sweaty, and show through clothes.) Thigh Society is not a compression or performance undergarment. The breathable fabric ensures coolness and softness all day and night. You can wear Thigh Society under your clothes to work, around the house, on the run, biking, traveling, shopping – even while sleeping or when pregnant.

Try Thigh Society today and breathe a thigh of relief!

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  1. have you tried rubbing butter or margarine between your thighs? I find it helps on hot humid days.

  2. rubadub says:

    shorts are good in cooler weather but for the summer i like secret shield from no extra clothing to heat you up.

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