More Choices for Natural Fiber Underwear

Ballet Zhen Bamboo pantyWe often recommend going with natural fibers when choosing panties and underwear because synthetic fibers often trap moisture. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria in the “nether regions” and that’s not good. Fortunately, there has always been a plentiful supply of natural fiber underwear available, including cotton, wool, and silk. These days, natural fibers go beyond tradition and new lines of underwear are available in more exotic natural fibers.


Fabric spun from bamboo is touted to be 3 times more absorbant than cotton. It is said to be softer than cashmere and naturally antimicrobial. On an environmental note, bamboo is a very fast growing, sustainable resource. 2(x)ist and C-IN2 (both founded by Gregory Sovell) have pioneered the use of bamboo in men’s underwear. The C-IN2 Bamboo army trunk with trophy shelf, for instance, is made of 98% bamboo and 2% spandex. Other products like the 2(x)ist bamboo carbon contour pouch brief are a blend of polyester and bamboo infused polyester. For the ladies, Ballet’s Zhen line (above), offers a host of lingerie constructed from a blend of natural bamboo fiber, rayon and modal spandex.


2(x)ist soy comfort trunk2(x)ist took natural fibers to another level when they introduced their Soy line in the Spring of 2006. Like bamboo, Soy is said to be softer than cashmere and naturally microbe resistant. In addition, soy fibers absorb 99.7% of unltraviolet radiation. The advantage of that in underwear is debatable, but it sure sounds cool. Soy fibers are touted as environmentally friendly because cultivation of soy plants doesn’t require the harmful pesticides that the cultivation of cotton does. On the flip slide, cotton fibers are usable directly from the plant with minimal processing, while soy fibers require a lot of chemical alteration before they can be woven into a garment.  It is unclear whether this process “cancels out” any environmental friendliness gained by the lack of pesticides in the growth of soy.

The soy fabric is known by several names, including Azlon and Soya. The 2(x)ist comfort trunk (above right) is 95% Azlon and 5% Spandex. On the ladies side, Elita offers a boyleg panty that is 48% soya, 48% cotton and 4% spandex.

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